JAN. 9TH 2016
Well, it looks like 2016 is going to be getting off to a good start as we are excited to be releasing a third album in just a few short days on January 12th! Entitled Into That Good Night, this album was made possible in part by funding from the "Pathways to Jazz" grant which allowed for an unprecedented (for this group) amount of time spent in the studio and post-production. The resulting disc features six original tunes along with three covers that represent a new level of artistic development for the group. 

Look for the PST in Denver this week and then next month in KC with shows to promote the new release!

Thanks again all for the support,

May 11TH 2014

we are very excited for our upcoming week of playing! i think that getting together a few times a year for extended playing engagements is leading towards a unique path of development for the trio. each time, we re-unite as more mature musicians and people as a result of our respective musical and life experiences. i've been fortunate enough to continue composing for the group so that we will have a slew of fresh new material and equally fresh new takes on our older material. stay tuned for more updates throughout the year including a follow-up album comprised of new tunes!


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Jan. 6TH 2015

hello all, i hope everyone had a blessed holiday season and is ready for the start of the new year! since i last wrote, the trio has had numerous opportunities to perform both in KC and Colorado areas. in just a few days, we will be releasing our sophomore album Easy Now: Live at the Green Lady Lounge with an album release event on january 11th at the Green Lady Lounge. this album was recorded live back in august in front of an amazing crowd that certainly helped fuel one of our best performances. for 2015, we are looking forward to more performances throughout the year as well as another album to be recorded over the summer that will be supported through a gracious grant from the Boulder County Arts Alliance.



JULY 18TH 2015
hello all, 

it's been quite a busy summer for me musically. aside from a weekly friday night gig at the beautiful nocturne jazz club in denver's RiNo district, i've had the unique honor and pleasure of attending Ravinia's Steans Music Institute in chicago (along with dominique), playing several successful performances last week with dominique in the denver area and am traveling back to KC this week to record new music for an album to be released in December 2015. 

also, i was given the opportunity for a nice interview produced by denver jazz radio station KUVO.

that's all for now, aside from catching some trio music at nocturne on friday nights for the rest of july and august, you can keep your eyes peeled for shows toward the end of 2015 that will promote the new album.

Jan. 4th 2014

hey guys, thanks for checking out our brand new site! roam around and stay connected to us! this week we will be in KC, so check the "itinerary" tab for show information. Thanks again!


Paul Shinn Trio

FEB. 2ND 2017
Hello there,

As 2017 rolls around, we are looking forward to a run of performances in the KC area February 16th-19th. Ryan & Dom won't be able to make the 18th, but other than that we are excited to present these shows that should be a lot of fun for sure! 

In December of 2016, we went into the studio to record a fourth album with additional personnel of Logan Richardson (sax) and Gabriel Mervine (trumpet). I'm very excited to be able to share this music, so be on the lookout for that!

Furthermore, I have concluded my time living in Colorado and will be living in NYC permanently with my brother beginning in April of this year. The trio might be performing a bit less frequently now in the coming years, but rest assured that we will still be presenting concerts as often as possible! 

Once again, thanks all for the support and I hope that our paths cross soon!